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Growing IT and Business Industry in Europe

IT  simply stands for Information Technology. It involves the usage of b417bee6c60a4695_orgcomputer devices, networking devices and storage devices for the creation, processing, storage, security and the exchange of all forms of electronic data. The business industry in Europe has rapidly grown and still continues to grow as a result of the growth of IT in Europe. There are a number of factors or criteria that have led to the growth in the IT and business industry in Europe:


  • Investment– The growth of IT which in turn has led to the growth of the business industry has been as a result of the fact that most businesses in Europe are investing a lot of capital to get the latest software and technological devices that will improve their businesses and thus generate more profits. The investment in this IT software and hardware has in turn led to the growth of IT as well as the growth of businesses in Europe.


  • Human Capital– The growth of the IT as well as the business industry in Europe has been as result of human capital in the sense that a lot of human capital has been put into the development of IT over the years and has in turn led to its growth which has in turn led to the rapidly growing business industry in Europe.


  • The Internet– The internet has been one of the major factors that have led the growth in IT and business industry in Europe. This is majorly because the millions of internet users in Europe are increasing rapidly day by day and therefore the number of technological devices that are used to access the internet have been increasing and advancing over the years, which in turn has led to the growth in IT and businesses.



The above clearly outlines the causes of the growing IT and business industry in Europe.


It is important to note that IT has played a major role in the growth of the business industry not only in Europe but globally.


Home-based IT Industry

Information Technology (IT) is a synonym for computer as well as computer-based networks. An IT industry can either be office-based whereby the industry has a physical office part-4-new-home-based-business-opportunities-due-to-growth-in-the-industry-2-638location (usually for large IT companies) or it can be home-based whereby the IT industry is located in your home, that is, where you live is also your office (usually for small IT companies).  There are a number of factors that determine whether your home-based IT industry will succeed or not:

  • Human Capital– In a home-based IT industry, human capital is important in the sense that the more human capital you put into your home-based IT industry the more successful it will be. Lack of human capital will hinder your home-based IT industry from succeeding.


  • Internet Connection- In a home-based IT industry you should always ensure you have good internet connection because business you conduct in a home-based IT industry is mainly over the web, therefore good internet connection is very important if you have a home-based IT industry.


  • Up-to-date software and hardware- In a home- based IT industry up-to-date software and hardware is important to be able to conduct business effectively and efficiently which will also in turn lead to the growth of your home-based IT industry.


  • Budget– In a home-based IT industry you need to set up a strict budget of the technological equipment that you need to run the industry and stick to that budget. You should always make sure that your profits are always more than your budgeted expenses.


  • Working hours– In a home-based IT industry you should always ensure that you maximize your working hours so as to maximize your profits.



The above clearly outlines the factors that you should always consider in a home-based IT industry.


From the above, we can conclude that the IT industry is growing at a rapid rate and thus, the number of home-based IT industries continues to grow as years go by.



Computer Technology in 2020

Computer technology plays a vital part in today’s life. It continues to change the way we work and communicate with each other and the global world. In the past experts predicted that computers would one day take over from typewriters and this became true. Below are the computer technology changes to expect by the year 2020.


Operating System Merger

If you have not noticed, there is a change in today’s technology. These days, it is difficult to differentiate between a phone and tablet. That is because of the merged features. Similarly Microsoft is on the road of merging the operating system of windows 10 with other devices that include windows mobile and X box. Hopefully this will happened by 2020.

Internet For everyone

There are many undeveloped and developing countries that cannot access internet the way it should be. That is because of lacking infrastructure that supports wireless and broadband internet that cannot reach many rural and impoverished areas of the globe. Google’s “Project loon” is one project that is aiming to change this. Google believe that they can launch satellite that can orbit around the globe and transmit 3G internet to developing countries.


Computer Car Technology

The development of cars has been revolutionary. From the advanced GPS car tracking system to the alcohol sensitive car to the automatic lockable car, thing are bound to get better. Technology is bound to change as Google and other automakers have always had the dream of building computerised self driving cars. Advancements are being made on this, but the biggest challenges is to know how to connect all these cars to each other, as there lacks current  wireless infrastructure to do this.



You can expect computer technology to change by 2020 as windows and google are hoping to: broaden internet access, improve car computer technology and for windows, hopeful merge their operating system.



To stay abreast on the latest revolutionary changes in computer technology will require you to do more research.